About Me

(in about 187 words)


I am a software engineer at biped.ai where we build a device assisting visually-impaired people navigate their surroundings. I like to build things, be it software, robots or relationships. If you think I can be helpful to you or you would like to meet me, please feel free to reach out.

Some history

  • At 17, I started a BSc in Mechanical Engineering at the EPFL.

  • At 19, I spent a year in Germany at the RWTH. I spent the year trying to hone my German (with some success) and riding through Europe on trains.

  • At 21, I started a MSc in Robotics at the EPFL. Gearing myself more and more towards software, I made some cool projects with some even cooler people during my time there (some of which can be found here)

  • At 22, I interned at Swisscom working on indoor localisation using the LTE network and deep learning. This led to a paper. I liked it so much that I stayed with them to write my Master Thesis.

I like